Let Us Tweet for You



Do you want to build  closer relationships through conversations with your audience on Twitter?

We will attend events, meetings, or just follow you around and tell all of your followers on Twitter about what you are doing in real-time (tweet).

You’re probably wondering, “Who cares about what I’m doing?”  That is probably a common question from people who have yet to experience Twitter. There are two groups of people who actually care: 1) your current clients and 2) prospects.

In fact, if you are a business owner, you should be attempting to connect with your audience on Twitter.  According to an article on Mashable, there were approximately “6 million registered Twitter users, which equates to around 3.8 percent of people on the Internet.”

Twitter is also a source for research. Therefore, if someone is looking for your company, they are going to conduct a search on Twitter to find out what people are saying.  It would definitely be good if you initiate many of the conversations about your business and respond immediately to questions and comments.

As you can see, having a presence on Twitter is beneficial regardless of your title.  If you still need an understanding of how Twitter works or would like to schedule a meeting to start connecting with your audience through tweets, contact The Write Design Co. at 877.570.5228 or info@thewritedesignco.com