Do Not Underestimate the Power of YouTube


I was having a conversation with a colleague about sharing videos. He suggested iTunes and other video alternatives.  When I mentioned YouTube as a source, he pretty much said that it was not a good source for videos.

Are you kidding?  YouTube is the largest video community in the WORLD, why wouldn’t you put videos on the site even if you don’t think people would view them?  YouTube is not only attractive to the people who upload videos, it is a primary source of entertainment and distraction for millions of people in countries all over the globe.  Therefore, you never know who’s on YouTube at any given time.

The site has also become a major source for research.  Although I do not know for certain, I am willing to bet that YouTube ranks first in video research and probably second or third in traditional research right after Wikipedia and Twitter.  Yes, Twitter has become popular for topic searches.

My advice to anyone considering NOT adding video to YouTube: Do not underestimate the power of YouTube.  It is a FREE, worldwide opportunity you don’t want to miss.