Grammar Annoyances

I can't rite english

I sometimes create abnormal words in moments of spontaneity, creativity or boredom. My words are created on purpose. Grammatical practices such as using words and phrases incorrectly and using nouns as verbs, are just plain wrong. They also annoy journalists Tasha Clopton-Stubbs and Glenn Reedus to a high degree.

Tasha literally wants to scratch her nails across a chalkboard when the following words are used incorrectly.

Incorrect Correct
Irregardless Regardless
Center of attraction Center of attention
We be We are
For Because
Your does not You are

Last but not least, educators who cannot differentiate between too, two, to and there, their, and they’re!

Glenn Reedus cringes when nouns are used as verbs:

Noun Verb
Conversation Conversate
Observation Observate
Continuation Continuate
Orientation Orientate

Ok, the last one is mine; I just wanted to share my two cents.

As you know, the English language is already complex enough without us adding to the madness. To keep life simple, learn to use words as they are intended. If you are uncertain, check out your dictionary, dictionary websites, or Tasha or Glenn.