5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Attend the 2010 National Charter School Conference

2010 National Charter School Conference

If you are an entrepreneur, you should attend the 2010 National Charter School Conference that will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago from June 28 – July 1, 2010.  You will get a gauge on gaps you can fill in this community as well as ideas on products, services or resources to fill those needs.  Not only will you increase your level of knowledge, you will ultimately increase your cash flow.  To help in your business endeavors, I am offering the following five reasons why you should attend this conference.

  1. There is an ongoing debate as to whether charter schools actually yield better results than public schools.  Also, it is still being determined which students benefit most from the non-traditional curriculum offered by charter schools.  Become a researcher and provide details to help prove or disprove the results of these findings.  You can also become “the” expert in this community and charge people for information.
  2. Learn new and different ways to teach students.  Entrepreneurs can learn about some of the methods and tools used to teach students in their classrooms.  This information can be taught to educators for use in their classrooms.  In addition, non-educators can use this information for other programs and activities.
  3. Network.  You just never know who you will meet who can help you in any of your endeavors.  The old adage stands true: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.
  4. Educational opportunities.  Attend a few of the workshops, collect information, and share it for a fee.
  5. Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education; Bill Gates, Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Reed Hastings, Founder, Chairman & CEO of NetFlix; and Joe Scarborough, MSNBC’s Morning are all keynote speakers for the conference.  Listen for new leads and needs based on information shared.

Above are five reasons why entrepreneurs should attend the 2010 National Charter School Conference.  Visit http://www.nationalcharterconference.org for the event schedule and details on how to register.  The benefits of attending will far outweigh the costs; and it will definitely be worth it.