5 Reasons Why Community Organizations Should Have Blogs


Community organizations are the “go to” centers in the community.  They provide information, resources and assistance to residents in local and nearby neighborhoods.  Even though they hold important positions in the community; blogs can help them grow in prominence.  Following are five ways how this can be done.

1. Relationships

Community organizations can build and maintain relationships with individuals, businesses, and churches in the community by sharing information and answering questions on blogs in a timely manner.

2. Share information quickly

Community organizations can post new information and resources on their blogs as soon as they receive it.  Residents would no longer have to wait for the next newsletter or website update to find out what’s going on.

3. Bridge the digital divide

The digital divide can be bridged when community organizations require people to perform basic functions on their blog.  This is best done on-site. Organizations that do this consistently can help residents get used to using the computer on a regular basis.

4. Marketing & Promotion

Generally speaking, community organizations are mostly known in the communities in which they serve.  Blogs make organizations and their services known to a global audience.  Events can be announced and publicized on the blog.  Photos and videos can be uploaded so visitors can see the difference the organization is making.  Residents in the community can share testimonials.  And, people within city limits can possibly benefit from the services.

5. Make Money

Blogs can help generate revenue for community organizations through advertisements.  Other creative means can be used to increase cash flow.

Because community organizations are resource centers for nearby neighborhoods, they should have blogs.  Not only will blogs improve the organizations roles in the community; they will help to enhance the quality of life for everyone who uses their services.