Entrepreneurial Opportunities at 2010 National Charter Schools Conference

While attending the 2010 National Charter Schools Conference from June 28th – July 1st at McCormick Place in Chicago, I discovered the following seven entrepreneurial opportunities.

Education is a business.  Start your own charter school if you are unhappy with the academic results of the local public school.  Just make sure the money you receive is actually being used for the students at the school.  Check out The Cartel Movie by Bob Bowden to find out what I’m talking about.

Students in all grades can benefit from books on all topics.  Keep different reading levels and learning styles in mind as you create them.  Don’t discount comic books and graphic novels as teaching tools.

Educational software
Educational software would not only boost students’ reading and critical thinking skills, it would also enhance their technological abilities.

Educational toys
Speak & Spell by Texas Instruments was the ultimate educational toy to have in my youth.  Board games even kept our interest because they reinforced what we learned in school.  Come up with creative means to educate young people.  One company uses clay to teach anatomy to students.

Educational systems
A combination of books, technology, games and other teaching tools are used to enhance the learning experiences of students.

Tutoring and after school programs
Tutoring and after school programs can help improve the areas in which young people are academically challenged.  Organizations that offer these programs are safe havens in crime-ridden communities.

School Uniforms
Many schools require uniforms to help reduce gang activities and to keep all students on an even level fashion-wise.  They also decrease the tension between the haves and have-nots.  Figure out how to add flair to the dreary colors and plaids already used by many educational institutions.

The opportunities above were just a few discovered at the 2010 National Charter Schools Conference.  Remember, as long as there are students, educational enhancement tools will be needed.  Use your creativity to help develop young geniuses today.