Spiritual Power of Social Media for Business Owners


Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube have not only exploded in popularity over the past few years; they have also grown in power.  They have helped people find friends, family, classmates, and co-workers while destroying relationships.  Jobs have been found and lost.  And the reputations and credibility of businesses of all sizes have been built and damaged based on the opinions of others.  If these networks have this much influence over the personal, financial and emotional lives of individuals, what type of spiritual power do they hold for business owners? Let’s explore.


If you need an answer for anything business related, pray and then tweet it.  Sometimes you’ll get an answer immediately, other times there’s a wait.  Still, you may not get an answer at all.  If there is no direct reply to the answer you seek, you may get a tweet or direct message that will send you to resources guiding you to the answer you need.  Or, someone may send the answer on another site even though you have not posted that need there.


Inspirational or funny messages or videos may be posted on your wall when you’re in a not-so-cool mood.  These messages always seem to appear right on time to lift your entrepreneurial spirits.


Words of encouragement are good for the spirit, but music is great for the soul.  Many of your favorite gospel and inspirational tunes and videos are available all day every day on YouTube.  Also, when you need technical assistance, which tend to lead to high levels of frustration, step-by-step visual instructions can be found. What a blessing it is to be able to solve a problem that can grow your business directly and indirectly just by watching a video.


LinkedIn connections requesting your services; success quotes encouraging you to move forward; and just seeing people follow their dreams and passions are inspirational for business owners.  This gives you the strength to move forward in confidence with your venture.


It’s always a pleasure to see the smiling faces and hear the voices of close friends and family on FREE video calls on Skype.  Getting excellent advice and words of encouragement from those who love you and support your business ventures is wonderful.  But, to see the smiling faces of PAYING clients is invaluable.

Social networking sites have greatly impacted the social, financial, emotional and spiritual lives of individuals over the years.  As a business owner, embrace the spiritual power of these networks, and let them propel you and your business to new heights.