Why Businesses Should Live Blog

Live Blogging

Live blogging is the future of broadcasting happening now. Instead of sharing details about your event via TV or radio, information is shared in real-time on blogs using multimedia and low cost or free social media tools. The ease of entry into the industry and low cost are just two of the reason why this medium should be considered. Following are more reasons why organizations should start live blogging.

1. Reach supporters and other stakeholders that cannot attend
You have clients, associates, members, and other supporters that cannot attend your event because of time, money or other commitments. Your live blog will allow them to enjoy your event from the comfort of their own homes at times that are convenient for them.

2. Create your own media coverage
Blogging live allows you to publicize your event the way you want. You can share as many details you want using your preferred blogs, social media and multimedia tools. Use them all or just one or two. And, the information can be promoted before, during and after the event.

3. Reach the general internet audience
According to World Internet Usage Statistics and World Population Stats, there were over 1,802,330,457 people worldwide using the internet at the end of 2009. Imagine just getting 1% of these people. Also consider that over 2 billion videos are viewed on YouTube with thousands more being uploaded daily. There are more than 400 million active users on Facebook. And, Twitter had nearly 200 million users with over 65 million tweets a day by the end of January.

4. Brand your company
Publicizing your event will automatically brand your organization. However, promotion through social media tools will ensure that your blog or website stands out and is easier to find online.

5. Increase followers to your site
You may already have a following on your site. A live blog session will attract unique visitors. As more people become aware of what you are doing, they are likely to sign up to your website to get updates of upcoming events. They may also want to attend future events or support your business in other ways.

6. Increase your search engine ranking
Because the live blog will be done through your blog or website, you will get a lot of traffic on the day of the event. This will increase search engine rankings. To ensure that you get a continuous flow of viewers, be sure to promote the event before it begins and when it is over. Build enough traffic and you will get sponsors interested in your site or blog.

7. Generate revenue
More visibility means more traffic. More traffic means more income potential – directly and indirectly. Some of these methods include new clients for your business; advertisements on your site; and partnerships with other businesses.

Remember, live blogging will become more prevalent in the near future as the internet continues to morph into a primary media source. This is your chance to expand your brand, increase your following and search engine rankings and generate revenue with free and low-cost blogs and social media tools. Get in now or opportunities will go to businesses that are embracing the future now.