BIG HUGE Thanks to Nile Flores, Dequiana Brooks and Midnight Printing Solutions

Yesterday, I had an issue with a business card design. My cards could not be printed because my cute design was fuzzy. In others, my attempt at design did not work.  I don’t have to tell you that I panicked. I called my original designer,Nile Flores, from and Dequiana Brooks from Inspired Graphics Media for their artistic assistance. And I know I got on Dave and Rick’s nerves from Midnight Printing Solutions in Vegas.

Here are the results:

Nile Flores  -
Nile was uberly busy with projects and personal challenges but she responded as quickly as she could in the best manner possible.

Dequiana Boorks, Inspired Graphics Media

Dequiana was a gem. She re-created the business card and made it really cute.

Midnight Printing Solutions - Las VegasAnd many, many thanks to Dave and Rick from Midnight Printing Solutions.  They worked with me despite my attempts at design (this is why I stick to writing and blogging).  My business cards are beautiful.  Dave delivered them to me personally at Mandalay Bay.  Outstanding customer service!!  Highly recommended.

Thank you all again!