Marcie Hill’s Exclusives from Blog World Expo 2010

Blog World & New Media Expo 2010

I am in Vegas for the Blog World Expo 2010 thanks to a few sponsors who believe in me and my dreams.  THANKS EVERYBODY!

Following are my three exclusives that I experienced in a short period.

While scoping out the location of the expo tomorrow, I ran into Peggy Richardson @TheBook Broads who gave me a crash course on podcasting and video blogging.   Peggy has an e-book blog and other ventures going on.  The Universe is working in my favor.  I need bloggers’ stories to fill my ABCs of Blogging book and I ran into Peggy, a blogger and e-book specialist.  Exclusive!

We also encountered Rick Calvert, the CEO and Co-founder of BlogWorld & New Media Expo.  Exclusive!

Rick Calvert & Marcie Hill, Blog World Expo 2010

Rick Calvert & Marcie Hill, Blog World Expo 2010

Here is an early edition of the Expo Directory complements of Rick Calvert.  Exclusive!

Blog World Expo Directory

Blog World Expo Directory

Now, it’s time to prepare for the Expo tomorrow which will be held ALL DAY.  Ok, well, mostly all day.  I’ll be there with bells on!

4 thoughts on “Marcie Hill’s Exclusives from Blog World Expo 2010

  1. Dequiana

    See, the conference hasn’t even officially started, and you are already making connections. I’m proud of you for stepping out on faith and trekking to Las Vegas. I can’t wait to hear and see all you’ve learned!

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