Marcie’s Thoughts on the Tech Expo

Chicago Tech Expo 2010

I attended the Tech Expo on October 6th at UIC Forum, and I didn’t care for it personally, but they did have plenty to offer.

Over 70 vendors displayed their products and services .  There were workshops  on social media, internet security, how to effectively use technology and websites as well as online and mobile applications for your business.  New businesses owners and entrepreneurs looking to implement or expand their technology

My two favorite parts of the event were the speaker program and the connections made.   Dick Burke, Senior Vice President of (Classified Ventures), gave great information on what how the company grew and how they grew from their mistakes.  My greatest take away from his presentation was “build a brand locally.”  Also, Genevieve Thiers and Dan Ratner, “the serial couple-preneur” and founder of explained how they came up with their site. They also shared how they came up with the 4-step plan behind their business concept.

  1. Big, demonstrated need
  2. Big, proven audience
  3. Internet is a good fit
  4. KISS – make it easier, cheaper and faster.

The networking was invaluable.  Nothing beats old-fashioned relationship building.

Overall, the Tech Expo was a good event.  It just didn’t appeal to me personally.