My Experience at The 24th Annual Entreprenerial Woman’s Conference

Women Business

I am sharing this over a month after the conference because I found a few notes I had intended to share before losing my little paper. I figure it’s never too late to promote good people doing good things. So, here goes.

It was a blessing to be in the midst of over 2,000 women and men business owners at the 24th Annual Entrepreneurial Woman’s Conference sponsored by the Women’s Business Development Center on September 22, 2010. Not only did I have a chance to learn of the opportunities available to women business owners, I got tons of advice from many of the vendors on how to better position the services of The Write Design Company. The giveaways were cool, too.

The best part of the event, though, was meeting the women business owners.  The veterans were potential role models and mentors while the newbies were grasping for knowledge like me.  However, the connections and the exchange of information and ideas with all of them were absolutely priceless.

Visit the Women’s Business Development Center to get more details about their services and conference highlights.