Use Social Media to Make Your Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

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I’ve heard several people say they wanted to be writers, radio broadcasters, voiceover artists and videographers.  Some of these people have had experience while others were speaking from the desires of their hearts.  What these people don’t realize is that they can make their dreams come true with social media tools.  And, many of these tools are free.  All that’s needed to get started is a little knowledge and courage.  Following are ways you can use social media to make your dreams come true.

So You Think You Can Write?

If you are an aspiring writer, you can jumpstart your career with a blog or status updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social networking sites.  Every time you tell what you are doing via status update, you are microblogging.  The only difference between blogging and microblogging is the character limitation.  A blog, on the other hand, requires a little extra work to set-up and keep going.  But if you are truly serious about writing, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Is Acting or Movie Production in Your Future?

YouTube has created a lot of “accidental” celebrities like the Mentos guys and Justin Beiber.

Acting, videography, producing, video editing, and scriptwriting are just a few things you can do to make your acting or movie production dream come true.  Of course, you can always gather your equipment and live stream events with u-stream, live stream or so your audience can see events in real-time.  Either way, this could be the beginning of a promising future – if only online.

Have a Voice for Radio?

Having your radio show is as simple as recording your thoughts and uploading them to the computer.  With blog radio, iTunes and other podcasting software, you can fulfill your dreams of being a radio host, sportscaster or voiceover artist.  If a voice recorder is not in your spending plan, most mobile phones are equipped with voice recording capability.  Use it to start working toward your goal.

Keep in mind that you do need the necessary equipment to start your ventures.  It doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to be effective.  Since most of the social media tools are free, start making your dreams come true today.

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