Why Politicians Should Blog


As a politician, your life is not your own.  It belongs to everyone you serve – especially your constituents.  As a public figure, communication is essential.  Blogs allow you to do that and more.  Keep reading to find out why you should blog as a politician.

1.       Share information and answer questions quickly

A blog will allow you to share information; report new developments with your constituents; and answer questions quickly.  This is also an opportunity to respond to people’s questions and concerns, which will help build your credibility and relationships.

2.       Create own media coverage

As a politician you are always the target of opponents and the media.  They will attempt to make you look bad and unqualified through lies, misinformation and sound bites.  Both will point out everything they think you did wrong during your term.  A blog is your opportunity to respond with accurate information and defend yourself.

3.       Conversations with constituents

This is by far one of the biggest benefits of a blog.  Because technology has overtaken the personal and professional lives of individuals, people who may never come into your office or call you may reach out to you on your blog blog.  Be sure to respond if only to acknowledge receipt of the message.  This may turn skeptics into supporters, lead to ongoing discussions or solve short-term issues.

4.       Share platform

This is the best place to let people know your position on issues and why you feel the way you do.  This will draw supporters and critics, but at least people know where you stand.

5.       Get young people interested in politics

I only have three words: Learn from Obama.  President Barack Obama reached out to young voters using social media tools including blogs.  Because he spoke to them directly and honestly, he gained the support of many.

6.       Find out what’s going on in the community

This is pretty much free market research because people will tell you what they like and don’t like.  They will also let you know what’s going on in your service areas by their praise and complaints.  All you have to do is read and respond accordingly.

7.       Promote events

Politicians are always holding events.  Post them all on your blog.  The information may be found by people you don’t serve directly but may be interested in supporting you.

8.       Reach national audiences

Because blogs are worldwide, you just never know who’s reading your site.  Your blog will more likely be read if it’s found on the first page of Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

9.       Raise funds

This is the ultimate goal but you have to build relationships through those conversations on your blog. It will be easier to ask for and receive financial support.

Above are reasons why you should blog as a politician.  If done correctly, your communication will help you build long-term relationships, gain new supporters – locally and globally, and get you the funds you need to keep growing.  Contact us to get your blog started today!

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  2. Anonymous

    I whole heartedly agree with this post. One of the biggest problems I have with politicians is that instead of firing back in commercials with the truth about themselves, they retaliate with sound bites and misinformation of their own. It would great to see a public forum such as a blog in use where people could go and read what the candidate has to say about what was stated against them in campaign ads.

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