Lessons from My Encounter with Justice Wordlaw

Justice Wordlaw
I visited the site of Justice Wordlaw to learn how to drive traffic to ALL my sites. Can I just say that I was intrigued with “Wordlaw”? It sounds so…elite.

Anyway, I was impressed with the content and wanted to get updates sent to me via e-mail. There were no option to do so. There were options to get updates through Twitter, Facebook and RSS but not e-mail. I prefer the latter because I am likely to read it and respond. I contacted Justice to share my thoughts, and he responded immediately.

Following are a few lessons from my encounter with Justice.

1. Use the Person’s Correct Name
I started my message with “Hi Justin” even though  “Justice Wordlaw” is placed nicely in big letters on his site.

2. Provide Feedback
I shared why I prefer receiving updates via e-mail updates even though he had alternatives.  I could have signed up with Twitter and Facebook but I don’t always want everybody to know what I’m doing. My RSS feed hasn’t been checked in months. He listened and responded.

There was one thing I did not share with Justice. Having that e-mail sign-up will help him grow his list outside of his social sites, which will ultimately  help build his online business.

3. Provide Excellent Customer Service
Not only did Justice respond immediately to my e-mail, he posted the e-mail option so I could sign up. Now, that’s customer service!  And I did sign up for my updates.

Justice Wordlaw Sign in
I just wanted to share this experience because it was way interesting and totally unexpected for a weekend.  But, all was well and I’ll be getting my updates with his next post. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lessons from My Encounter with Justice Wordlaw

  1. Justice Wordlaw IV

    Well thank you for taking the time out to read my blog, I truly enjoy sharing my passion for online marketing with others. I do value customer service and offering as many people the opportunity to learn and share what I offer. Thank you for this amazing post and for also becoming a member of my RSS Feed. The Justin name is something that I am used to I just tell people that my name is really Justice. 🙂

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