My Faith-Filled Trip to Blog World – Trying to Get There

My entire experience at Blog World & New Media Expo in Las Vegas was one of pure faith.  I just had to get there to learn the newest technologies and developments in Web 2.0, and get to the people God would direct me to as well as the ones I follow.  My story is too good NOT to share, so here it is.

As a budding entrepreneur working in and on purpose, I am blessed with funds to cover my needs and some wants.  With a pretty inconsistent cash flow at this time, Blog World was a need I that was not in my spending plan.

The first thing that happened to let me know that I was supposed to go was my airfare.  I was researching airfares the Saturday before the Expo .  I had visited every site that promises low fares and vacation packages, and the lowest fair that appeared for October 13th through the 17th was $800 leaving from O’Hare Airport.  The cheapest package I found was about $980 dollars.  That was without tax.

While I was wallowing in self-pity, my mother came in and started braining storming people who traveled a lot.  We called a few people and got support and assistance, but nothing definite.  She then told me to call my uncle who is a frequent flyer.  He came through.  I got a flight for Southwest Airlines leaving Midway Airport, which is so much closer to my house, for less than half of the package.  That was Saturday, October 10th, approximately 4 days before the event was scheduled to begin.  And I stayed in Vegas from October 12th through the 18th.  Business plus pleasure!

Ok, I’m there.  Where do I stay?

I started calling people I knew who had connections.   There were a few leads, but nothing solid.   I also called hotels in Vegas and the ones I could realistically afford were not close.  My desire was to stay at The Excalibur because it was two hotels away from Mandalay Bay where the Expo was being held.  The block of rooms for the event were sold out at the castle.  I spoke to one of the salespeople at Excalibur on Sunday, October 10th and she informed me that they were having a sale starting that Monday on October 11th.  I asked her if she was sure.  She said yes.

I booked the room at Excalibur for six nights for less than $500.  I will say that I was swindled with the taxes and daily fee.  But it was still less than some of the packages being offered for three nights.

You’re probably wondering how I paid for it.  Quoting my mentor, Master Artist Kenneth Worthington: “A closed mouth don’t get fed.”  I sent information to people on my e-mail list; posted my request on my blogs and social networking sites; and told everyone close to me during telephone conversations.

When God is with you, nothing else matters.  Just know that the money collected covered the hotel, airfare and spending money.  I was on my way to becoming a blogging and social media genius on Tuesday, October 12th.


I had to get INTO the $1195 conference first.  Stay tuned to find out how that worked out for me.

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