Start Your Internet TV Show Today!

Internet TVWhile reading the November 11, 2010 issue of the Chicago Independent Bulletin Newspaper,  Nathan Thompson wrote, “Filmmaking is currently in a state of crisis in Japan and film directors are looking for work.  Many blame the Internet for killing off the ‘traditional’ audience.

I thought back to the Triple Play: Blogging, Podcasting, Streaming workshop at Blogworld & New Media Expo 2010 where Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice, gave us an early warning that Internet TV will eventually replace current television as a viewing choice.

He also made two statements that really prepared the audience for what was to come.  First,  more people are watching TV on their computers.  Second,  now is the perfect time to start making your own internet TV show.  In fact, Todd advised us to “get in now; get in early; get big.”

Internet TV is going to become the norm as technology and social media make it easier for people to create their own shows to present to audiences that are already waiting for them online.  The trend is just beginning.

Many TV shows can already be viewed on the Internet.  Netflix and other movie providers allow for watching TV shows and movies online.  People can create and post their own videos on YouTube or live stream their videos on services like U-Stream, which  can seen by millions of people online.  And the entry of Google TV, Apple TV and the VUDU box  into the media space will give people unlimited viewing options.

As I shared in a previous post “Use Social Media to Make Your Dreams Come True,” if a TV or film career is your desire, your time is NOW.  Don’t wait until something “big” happens; make it happen.

The future of Internet TV is happening now.  Get in or get left behind.