Things New and Current Business Owners Must Have to Be Successful

Business Owners

As I reflected on my entrepreneurial journey, I thought about things new and current business owners must have to be successful.  This list only includes my thoughts and ideas; and i’s in no particular order.

1.      Business Plan.  When you fail to plan, you fail to plan.

2.      Confidence.  No one will believe you without it.

3.      A mentor.  You need someone who has more experience who can advise and direct you.

4.      Accountability partner.  Being a business owner is lonely.  Find someone who believes in you just as much as you do.

5.      Divine connections.  Ask, and they will be given.

6.      Courage.  This is the first step in any venture.  You can’t move forward in business without it.

7.      Integrity.  Sometimes your name and your word are all you have.  Protect them at all costs.

8.      Positive outlook on life.  This is required to believe you can have anything you want.

9.      Ability to see the impossible. This is also known as faith. Who would you rate yours today?

10.   Haters. These people are needed to let you know that you are on the right track.  If no one is talking about you, you’re probably not doing anything.

11.  Vision.  All successful businesses started with an idea which created great businesses.

12.  Strong relationships.  Business owners must have strong relationships with other business owners, shareholders, vendors and employees.

13.  The will to keep moving forward when it seems like you can’t go own.  You are the only one who can encourage yourself the way you need to be encouraged.  Pray and keep on moving.

14.  An above average work ethic.  This doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself building, working and managing your business, but you do have a lot of extra things to do.

15.  Negotiation skills.  There is a way to get everything you want with the right request to the right person.

16.  Good communications skills.  This is required to build relationships, to sell yourself and your business and to negotiate.

17.  Follow-up skills. Failure to follow-up results in many missed opportunities.

18.  Pay it forward. You have been blessed in some way by someone.  Now, it’s your turn to do the same.

That’s all I have for now.  What are some other things new and current business owners must have to be successful?