3 Quick Updates About CoverItLive Live Blogging Program


You’re probably wondering what CoverItLive (CIL) is and why I am sharing information about it.  Well, CIL is one of four live blogging applications that allow people to share information in real-time. I have a special fondness of the company because it was the program that made me fall in love with live blogging. No, they are not paying me to say this although I wish they would.  Anyway, following are 3 quick updates about CoverItLive.

  1. They were recently acquired by Demand Media.  What started out as an idea to add a new dimension to blogging has grown to new levels on so many levels.
  2. CoverItLive has upgraded their audience engagement tools to include trivia and points.  Also, their new gaming tools allows readers to vote on Live Polls and Facebook
  3. The company has gone mobile. CIL is live on Android. Now, I need them to make it Blackberry friendly

Those are just a few new developments about CoverItLive. Have you learned of any new happenings at the company?