Five Reasons Why Bloggers Should Join Toastmasters

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People start blogging for a variety of reasons.  Some people stick with it, others don’t.  If you have blogged consistently for at least six months, you have a selection of topics.   Why not take your career to the next level by joining Toastmasters International?

In addition to providing the tools and techniques to help you present your topics with the maximum impact, you will learn how to entertain, be dramatic, speak at corporate events and represent yourself as media.  If you are a blogger and would like to take your skills to the next level, check out the following five reasons why you should join Toastmasters.

1. Present your blog topics.  You already have topics that you have shared on your blog, now all you have to do is pick a post, practice and present it according to Toastmasters guidelines.

2. Confidence.  Blogging is a confidence booster because you are expressing your thoughts publicly.  However, joining Toastmasters will help send your confidence level through the roof because you will gain the skills needed to speak and present effectively.

3. Speak your passion. Your audience already has a sense of what matters to you most by the topics you share on your blog.   As a Toastmaster, you will learn how to present your passion with passion by using vocal variety and gestures.

4. Establish yourself as an expert. The longer you blog consistently on particular topics, the more you are viewed as an authority by your online audience.  You will continue to gain credibility as an expert in your subject and industry by using the skills you learned at Toastmasters to present at conferences, workshops, seminars, schools and other professional events.

5. Get paid.  Honing your speaking skills will invariably open doors that will lead to paid speaking gigs and other “expert” opportunities.

Above are five reasons why bloggers should join Toastmasters.  In addition to presenting your blog topics with passion and confidence will, you will experience an increase in credibility and get more visitors to your site.  You will see a vast improvement in your speaking and writing skills as well as a boost to your bottom line.

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