Day 3: 6 Benefits of Live Blogging

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Now that you know what live blogging is (Day 1) and why you should do it (Day 2), it’s time to look at the 6 main benefits of doing it.

1. Share information quickly

As stated in Day 1, live blogging is sharing information in real time. Therefore, you are providing details as they unfold. This will increase your credibility as an information source because your information may get to the public before other mainstream media outlets.

2.Create your own media coverage

Because live blogging is multi-dimensional, you can either live blog, live chat or live stream events. As stated in Day 1, live blogging is sharing information in real time using multimedia and social media tools. Live chatting can be done during live events or you can schedule a special questions and answer segment for conversations. Lastly, show what’s going on in real-time with live streaming.


What are you known for? What do you want to be known for? Live blogging helps with your personal and business branding. If you are an independent blogger or social media enthusiast, you will become known for live blogging certain events or themes. If you are a business, real-time blogging helps promote your already established brand.

4. Build relationships with online and onsite audiences

You have two audiences you need to engage: the online audience that is viewing your live blog and the people who are attending the event that you are live blogging. You’re probably wondering why the second group is important. Well, they will help provide the content for your online session with their thoughts and comments. And if you can give them an understanding of live blogging and how to do it on their mobile phones, they may become co-hosts or your biggest commenters, thereby, helping to increase your online engagement.

5. Increase followers

You may already have a following on your site. A live blog session will attract unique visitors. As more people become aware of what you are doing, they are likely to sign up to your website to get updates of upcoming events. They may also want to attend future events you’re live blogging. Better yet, they will hire you to cover their events.

6. Increase search engine rankings

Because the live blog will be done through your blog or website, you will get a lot of traffic on the day of the event. However, if you can get the hosting organization and other sites to promote your session prior to the event and post your live blog while it is happening, your rankings will grow quickly. And if you can keep the topics of the event flowing after the session, your site will stay highly ranked for months, possibly years.

These are the 6 main benefits of live blogging. They will help increase your blog’s exposure, grow your network and boost your credibility as an information source. To get personal live blogging coaching or for training for your organization, contact us at 877.570.5228. In the meantime, if you would like more tips on how to successfully live blog, order The ABCs of Live Blogging: Quick Tips from Live Blogging Success written by our very own, Marcie Hill.

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