Day 5: 4 Live Blogging Programs

There are four programs that can be used for live blogging. I have only had experience with three of them, but I’m going to get to the last one really soon.

Live Blogging Plug-in – Chris Northwood




Developed by Christ Northwood, this is the only live blogging tool that allows you to solely own your content.  This plug-in was created to work within the confines of WordPress.  I like the fact that live blogging and audience interaction can be done directly from my site without an extra dashboard, but it does require a little extra work.  If your internet connection is slow, your media will upload much more slowly which could impact your audience interaction during the session.  But it’s worth it to own my own content. And, it has gotten much better since I first used it a couple years ago.  They are definitely giving other programs a run for their money.  Download the Live Blogging plug-in now.




ScribbleLive is a platform which appears to be targeting journalists. It has a clean dashboard for easy navigation and it’s very easy to use. The ability to leave video comments is great.  Their three biggest limitations are:

1) It’s free for 30 days and then you no longer have access.  Also, the free trial is limited on features.

2) They don’t show events that are happening right now when you enter the site.

3) I couldn’t see how you could monetize your session with the trial version.

This is a great start application for people who want live blogging and interaction without bells and whistles.  The clean dashboard, layout



 CoverItLive is probably the most well-known live blogging software.  It is very easy to use, to monetize and interact with your audience.  Their polling and gaming features puts them ahead of their competition when it comes to audience interaction.  The ability to upload and integrate media of all sizes is pretty seamless.  You can view events going on as soon as you hit the site which is cool. Another one of their biggest pluses is the explanations when you click on question marks and the videos created to explain how different functions work. I think their biggest flaw is the busy-ness of the site. While I understand they are working on being comprehensive, they have too much going on as soon as you hit the site.  But, it’s definitely the site to use for heavy audience interaction and you get  lots of features for free.




g-snap! is the new kid on the blog. They have a bit of catching up to do compared to their competitors.  They are pretty comprehensive, but I don’t feel they are as easy to use.  Their allow you up to 20 polls and you can select the type of event.  The media size limit and media upload option are major minuses.   They have a WordPress plug-in, but I don’t quite understand how it works. I’ve downloaded it and activated it, but I don’t understand the purpose.  They do allow you to try to the premium version for 30 days for free which is cool. Their biggest asset: their Question and Answer Mode that allows yo to control the content and comments of all attending.  Overall, I think they are on to a good start and with a little tweaking, they could possibly meet or exceed their competitors.

Above are the four Live Blogging programs that are available so far. I think they all have their pros and cons, but they all work. You just have to determine your purpose for your live blog and which works best for those purposes. To really be sure, I would encourage you to try all four.  Because they are all so easy to use, you could quite possibly learn the basics of all of them within two hours and make your decision from there.

In the meantime, be sure to purchase The ABCs of Live Blogging: Quick Tips for Live Blogging Success to learn how to live blog effectively. Also, contact us at (877) 570-5228 if you need help getting started with live blogging.

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