Recap: 5 Day Series on Lessons in Live Blogging

Let's recap

We did a 5 Day series on Lessons in Live Blogging to educate you what live blogging is, why you should do, when you can do it and the programs available to do it.  Click on any link below for that day’s lesson.

Day 1: What is Live Blogging

Day2: 3 Reasons Why You Should Live Blog

Day 3: 6 Benefits of Live Blogging

Day 4: Events You Can Live Blog

Day 5: 4 Live Blogging Programs

If you were with us during the entire 5 days or if you are just checking out our 5 Day Series, please share your feedback on that individual days. Specifically, we would like to know if it helped you at all; was it easy to understand; what can be done to improve the series in the future.

Also, feel free to contact us at (877) 570-5228 if you would like to hire us to live blog your events or train your staff on how to do it.


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