Blogger Interview: Chrystal from Duo Dishes Food Blog

I had the pleasure of interviewing Chrystal from Duo Dishes. She and her fellow foodie, Amir, share their love of cooking and eating on their site. I want to especially thank Chrystal for being the first brave soul to interview with me as I experimented with my new Sony Bloggie. That is the kind of support I got all weekend at the Blogging While Brown Conference in July. And the ending is a little bad because I didn’t have a good closing for interview, but it’s done.  Check it out now.

4 thoughts on “Blogger Interview: Chrystal from Duo Dishes Food Blog

  1. The Duo Dishes

    Great job Marcie! It’s cool to see how your first videos begin to evolve as you keep doing them. We should do more videos too. 🙂 Looking forward to the ones you start popping out after this!

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