Is Article Marketing Passé?

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I searched my name on Google, Yahoo and Bing, and found that I rank higher on my social networking sites and blogs than through e-zine articles.  This led me to wonder: how much weight does article marketing hold these days?

There was a time when article marketing was highly encouraged because it boosted the writer’s visibility on search engines, thereby allowing them and their expertise to gain more exposure. It seems that social media and blogs have taken over.

Here’s my concern with the increase in search engine visibility based on social media activity. My thoughts are based on what I see, not actual research. There are lots of active people on social sites and blogs, but many of them are having fun and sharing personal information.  They are not really providing valuable content.

This led me to two more questions:

  1. Are people really ranking high on search engines based on social media activity?
  2. If activity is the primary determinant of ranking, where does content relevancy fit in

Based on the relevance placed on social media activity in search engines, is article marketing passé? What do you think?



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2 thoughts on “Is Article Marketing Passé?

  1. Mitch Mitchell

    I’ve never been a big believer in article marketing as a way to drive traffic. Yes, I do have some articles on some sites, but almost all of them are from a long time ago, before I had an opportunity to evaluate any of it.

    See, the thing is that most people don’t go to article sites to read articles. They go there to find content they can borrow for their sites or blogs because they don’t feel like writing. So, you end up not getting the benefit you thought you’d get; the only thing you get is a link, but no visitors and no traffic. That’s not much fun. And once article sites got pimp-slapped by Panda, the game was over.

    You’d do better writing guest posts on other blogs. At least there you might get someone to respond, if the blog is popular enough, then decide to pop over to your blog to take a look. At least that’s how I see things.

  2. Marcie Hill Post author

    Mitch, I’d have to agree. I get my ezine articles monthly report (which is a pretty cool feature, by the way) and I see the number of people that have viewed my article compared to the clicks, and there is a HUGE gap. And yes, writing guest posts have actually been very beneficial.

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