Interview: Adam Sharp Discusses New Trends & Trending Topics at Twitter

Adam Sharp - Manager Government & Politics for Twitter

I had the opportunity to get Adam Sharp, Manager of Government & Politics at Twitter, to myself for a few minutes at Social Media Chicago. During the presentation, he spoke about the newest groups using Twitter and other interesting facts including:

  • There are over 100 million active users on Twitter
  • There are over 230 million tweet per day
  • It took almost three years to get the 1 billionth tweet
  • 40% of Twitter users tweet regularly (I am in that number)
  • 57% of Twitter users tweet at least once a month
  • Twitter users are more likely to write and comment on blogs
  • Seniors and African Americans are the  largest growing groups on Twitter
  • And Twitter is 5 years old this year (YAY!)

He also shared the handy Twitter features like search, fast follow, and new image options.

I wanted to know how the newest audiences are using Twitter and how trending topics really work. Listen to what Adam had to say.

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Do you have any questions about Twitter you’d like to ask Adam?


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4 thoughts on “Interview: Adam Sharp Discusses New Trends & Trending Topics at Twitter

  1. Jackie Rogers

    Congratulations to Marcie on her article in the October issue of Toastmaster’s magazine. Marcie’s article is very concise and on point about what it takes to build a website that engages visitors and makes them come back for more.

  2. Marcie Hill Post author

    Jackie, thank you so much for stopping by and giving a plug to my Toastmasters story. You are truly appreciated.

  3. Marcie Hill Post author

    Thank you for stopping through and the words of encouragement. I’m going to delve more into bloggers and their ventures. This a world that very few people know about. So, when I contact, just say yes. 🙂

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