Are Your Employees Qualified to Communicate on Behalf of Your Company?


Recently, I interviewed an executive of an organization. Although she was extremely knowledgeable about the organization, her responses overflowed with “ahs”, “ums” and “you knows”.  After our conversation, I began to wonder, “How many more people hired to communicate on behalf of the company, including business owners, have similar challenges?”

Communication is not just about speaking for the company; it is about the quality of writing as well as appearance. Things to ask as you conduct your new hire and on-going employee trainings:

  • Do they have a polished look?
  • How well do they speak?
  • What is the quality of their writing?

If, after reflecting on these questions, you can think of just one employee who would not properly represent you due to poor communication skills, then there is work to do. Remember, corporate communication training is available to improve the writing, speaking and presentation skills of employees at all levels in the organization.

Again, I have to ask: Is everyone who works for your company – including you and services people – qualified to communicate on behalf of your company?


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