Coming in April 2012: Marcie Hill’s BIG Book of Blog Content

Marcie Hill

The Write Design Company’s very own Marcie Hill will be launching her third eBook, The BIG Book of Blog Content, in April 2012. This educational tool will serve three purposes:

1) to make sure bloggers NEVER RUN OF IDEAS on what to write again

2) to help them  CREATE STELLAR CONTENT that keeps their readers returning

3) to show them EXAMPLES OF 60+POSTS TYPES they can create. This way, if they do get stuck, they will have examples of how to get out of the rut.

The BIG Book highlights over 60 types of blog posts bloggers and features over 55 other bloggers. “At my last reading, there are over 200 million bloggers in this world, and I know some of them are better than me. I could have easily used examples from my personal sites to show examples of at least 20 of the posts, But why do that when other bloggers have used their creative genius to develop outstanding posts on their sites?” inquires Hill.

The BIG Book of Blog Content will be available for download in April 2012. In the meantime, you can purchase her eBook, The ABCs of Live Blogging: Quick Tips for Live Blogging Success, and download her free eBook, The ABCs of Blogging: Blogging Basics from A to Z.

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