Writing As an Employment Screening Tool??

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As I conduct research on the impact of writing on the workplace, on society, and on our economy as a whole, I have discovered that there has been a tremendous decline in the quality of writing. What’s even worse is the lack of write ability across the globe. From what I read, many teachers cannot write, therefore, it is unrealistic to expect their students to know how to write. And, school systems are not enforcing writing instruction, which is leaving students handicapped financially.

Writing impacts all aspects of a person’s life, including how much they get paid as an employee. This ultimately impacts their quality of life. So, I began to wonder: what if employers used writing as en employment screening tool? How many people would pass, including the CEO?

Resumes and cover letters are not good indicators of a person’s writing abilities because they are often written and edited by others. Applications are not good indicators of writing skills because many of these answers are memorized after a while.

Again I ask. If writing were an employment screening tool, how many people would pass?

What do you think?


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One thought on “Writing As an Employment Screening Tool??

  1. Julie Lereau

    If writing will be part of the requirements in a job, then it will be a delima. Not all people has a gift on writing.

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