Marcie Hill & Matthew Williams

Top 5 Ways to Use Video for Customer Service

Marcie Hill & Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams, Rich And Winning

Companies are increasingly using video to attract and engage their clients and prospects. Common uses for videos include customer trainings, marketing and promotion, sharing company information and providing customer service.  Because customers are the center of all enterprises, we are going to focus on how to use video to serve them.

5 Ways to Use Video for Customer Service

1. Testimonials

Testimonials are good, but capturing actual users of your products or services on video is great. These can be as simple as sharing how their lives were changed or footage of them using your products and services.

 2. Success stories

Similar to testimonials, success stories are video recorded interviews with customers. Users are asked specific questions about how they used your products and services and how they benefited from them. The interviews are generally one to two minutes.

3. Skype

Provide a personal touch to your customer service activities with Skype. You can have a video chat with your customers to address their concerns and issues. Let them see how much your company cares.

4. Random interviews

These interviews can be video recorded at community outreach events, special events for customers only, man-on-street interviews or just general conversations with people who have experienced your products and services.

5. Video e-mails

Video e-mails are engaging and unexpected ways to address your customers’ requests and needs. You can read back their question or issue and provide a response. Don’t forget to give them a way to get back to you if they need further assistance.

Above are five ways you can use video for customer service. You can find other customer service uses for your video in my upcoming book, 62 Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block. Does your company use video? How?