Top 3 Reasons Businesses Should Have Blogs


Not too long ago businesses of all sizes were encouraged to establish an Internet presence with websites.  If a business could not be found online, it really wasn’t a business.  Today, the same thing is being said about blogs.  In fact, some people are advocating blogs over traditional websites while others are including blogs on their websites.  Which is correct?  It’s a matter of preference.  One thing is for certain – if you are in business, you should have a blog. Following are three reasons why organizations should seriously consider adding blogs to their marketing toolkit:

3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Have Blog

  1. To build their brands
  2. To establish itself as the expert in the industry
  3. To have direct conversations with their audience


What do people think when they think of you or your business?  What do you want them to think? Your brand is your reputation.  It can be your business name, logo, tag line, jingle, or any other written or visual message that is associated with you or your business.  A blog can help build or maintain this brand by sharing consistent messages and conversations about your company.  It can also help with public relations activities which contribute to improved reputations and relationships.

Expert Status

Businesses can also become known experts in their industries through messages shared on blogs.  Chris Brogan and Mashable are sites I frequent to learn about social media and Web 2.0 tools.  Problogger and Copyblogger help me to develop content for my blogs that will attract and engage readers which will generate a consistent cash flow in the near future.


Lastly, blogs allow businesses to have informal, direct conversations with customers, prospects, employees and other stakeholders.  This not only allows for easy communications, it makes the company more transparent, which ultimately fosters relationships and builds trust. Google’s blog is one such site.  Not only are they sharing information about their products, they are speaking in a conversational, engaging tone that makes you want to know more about what’s happening with them.

The above three reasons are why businesses should have blogs.  What other reasons do you think businesses should have blogs?