What Should Businesses Blog About?

Blogging for Business

As a business owner, you are always sharing information about your products and services. Normally, this is done through brochures, websites, logos, your elevator pitch, or any other medium through which you elect to communicate. With all the means of communications we have these days, blogs are the buzz.

A colleague once asked me, “Why would I GIVE AWAY information?” My response was, “You are NOT giving away information. You’re sharing your knowledge.” Essentially, you’re getting people to trust you, which open doors for greater opportunities. As you know, people buy from people they trust.

How do you get people to trust you? Talk to them.

What is the best way to talk to them? Conversations on blogs.

What do you blog/talk about? Anything that you, prospects, or customers want to discuss that will help increase sales, build your brand, or establish you as an expert. You can discuss how people will benefit from using your product; answer the questions of prospects or customers; or find out what they find appealing or need improvement. One question can lead to several blog posts.

If you receive a complaint or negative feedback, don’t fret. Use that as an opportunity to display your customer service skills to the world. Address all problems and concerns as quickly as possible, so everyone can see how well you care for your customers’ needs.

Those are just a few suggestions for blog topics. Contact The Write Design Company at 877.570.5228 for more blog posting ideas or how to get started blogging.