7 Reasons Why Chambers of Commerce Should Have Blogs

Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of commerce, also known as business associations, are groups of business people that gather to “protect and promote business interests.”  Sometimes these groups are the primary resource centers of communities while others are citywide or international organizations.  Regardless of their size or location, all chambers need to promote their organizations and communicate with their members regularly.  Blogs are a great way to do both.  Thus, following are seven reasons why chambers of commerce should have blogs.

1. Increased credibility
Chambers are THE resource centers for the businesses they support.  Their members look to them for information that directly and indirectly impacts their businesses.  Blogs allow this information to be posted quickly and accurately, thereby increasing the credibility of the organization.

2. Maintain relationships
Conversations on blogs help associations maintain relationships with members.  Providing information starts conversations; answering questions and getting feedback from members keep dialogues going.  Also, responding promptly to inquiries and negative comments will positively affect members’ customer service experiences, which contribute to quality relationships.

3. Publicize organization and services
Blogs help to spread the word about associations and their benefits and services. Since the internet is worldwide, people in other communities, states or countries can learn about different chambers and inquire about membership.  This may also lead to more members.

4. Enhance the technical knowledge of business owners
Chambers can use blogs to help increase the computer know-how of business owners that have little or no technical skills.  This can be done by offering member-only benefits and information that would require them to visit the blog or offer computer tips to help them with commonly used software.  Keep things simple and be sure to include clear step-by-step instructions.

5. Create FREE media coverage
Newsworthy chamber events and causes that would never make it to TV and radio can be promoted through blogs.  In addition, these sites can be used to report things as they are happening or shortly thereafter, and to let audiences know the results of those events.

6. Educational Marketing
Associations and their members can provide personal and business growth tips on blogs.  The organization can maintain its reputation as a resource and members can share their professional expertise.  This is a win-win for all involved.

7. Generate Revenue
Advertising and exclusive member-only specials are the two main ways to generate revenue with blogs.  Neither has to be really expensive, but they both have to appeal to most of the members to be effective.

Above are seven reasons why chambers of commerce should have blogs.  If implemented correctly, they will maintain their positions as primary business resources; gain more familiarity through promotion; and build and maintain relationships through effective and consistent communication.

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