7 Business Blog Don’ts

blogging donts

Everyone is blogging about everything these days.  Topics range from family to business with everything in between.  And there is an audience for each and every topic.  As cool and fun as blogging is, there are no written rules.  This could be good or bad depending on the blog topic, blogger and audience. For business blogs, though, there are things that you should NEVER do.  Read more to find out what they are.

1.      Talk about clients

Sharing bad client experiences on your site is a bad for many reasons. But the two main reasons not to do it are 1) it’s a VERY unprofessional act which will speak volumes to your character and 2) your clients may be reading.  If you just feel the need to say things about clients, speak good things.  Report how their businesses improved as a result of your products or services.  You can even share how you grew professionally because of your relationship with the client.  Do not risk ruining your relationship and future referrals because of words on your site. It’s just not worth it.

2.      Discuss personal topics

Keep personal topics off your blog unless the information helps to make a very good point.  Be wise about what you share.  People are over-sharing on social sites and your business blog is not the place to air personal laundry.

3.      Be negative

Words create energy. People can feel energy through the words used on your blog.  Try not to blog when you are not your best self.

4.      Sell

Selling on your blog is a no-no.  You can share how people can benefit from your products and services; you can even recommend your goods every now and then.  Do not  – under any circumstance – do anything that screams, “Hey, buy my product or service!”

5.      Use profanity

Swearing is unprofessional. Period. No matter how good you are at what you do, you can drive people away with your choice of words.

6.      Discuss race, religion, politics, gender, or sexual orientation

There is just no good reason to discuss these topics unless you are seeking waitresses for Hooters.

7.      Stop posting without warning

If you need to stop blogging for any reason, be sure to let your audience know. To stop without advance notice will result in a loss of followers and potential business.

Above are things that you should NEVER do on business blogs. As you know, presentation is everything and your blog may be the first encounter people have with you and your business.  If you have to question anything you want to write on your blog, leave it out.  You will look better for it.

What are other things you should never do on a business blog?