My BIGGEST Business Mistake: Being Afraid

I think this is every entrepreneur’s mistake. Some of us don’t begin on our entrepreneurial journey; others stop after they begin. Either way it’s a tragedy.


What was I afraid of?

It wasn’t a person, place or thing; things that were tangible. It was fear of the unknown. I was afraid of something I could not see. When I think back on it, that was ridiculous. How was I afraid of something I could not see, feel, taste, hear or touch? These are things that make things real. So, here I was, wasting time and my dreams because of something I could not see.

So, I started taking classes for entrepreneurs, going to workshops and speaking to business owners. I learned a great deal; however, I didn’t implement it. Why? I didn’t think I would do it right. What if it didn’t work? I had resources abound if I really wanted to move forward. I didn’t; so I remained stuck. Honestly, I was disillusioned. I was hoping that the answers to what I needed to do would jump off those pages and say hey, “Let’s do this.” It never happened. That was a fear of failure.

I also started wondering if this business ownership thing was really for me. I mean, I was the only person in my family who took this dive. My grandmother was a hustler (she sold everything – Amway, flavors – whatever), but not a business owner in a true sense.

So, being afraid was my BIGGEST mistake at the beginning of my business journey. I was afraid of the unknown and failure.  Following are other mistakes I encountered along the way, which I’ll speak on later:

  • Not asking for help
  • Lack of passion
  • Listening to people
  • Not pricing my services correctly
  • Trying to be everything to everybody
  • Not conducting market research
  • Starting without a solid plan

What were or are some of your biggest business mistakes? What are some of your fears?


Images: darrenspruyt