Business Mistake: Going At It Alone


Generally speaking, entrepreneurship is lonely. Not many people have the audacity to do what you have done even though…

·         The opportunity is open to everyone.

·         Many people say they have business or service ideas which they seem passionate about.

·         They say they want success.

Ask any entrepreneur who has persisted for longer than three years, and they will confirm that business ownership is lonely. But just because it is lonely, doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone. People will help you; you just have to ask and be discerning. I know this sounds like a contradiction from a previous post, listening to everyone is a mistake; but it isn’t.

Here are some tips for not being a lone entrepreneur.

  1. Know exactly what you need. Have you ever called a busy professional, blabbered something that wasn’t what you needed? Even though you had an idea, you were not specific, which means you wasted that person’s time and yours. 
  2. Who is the first person that comes to mind when you have a need?  Whoever it is, call him or her first. This person may be able to help you directly or indirectly. There is a spiritual reason why this person came to mind. 
  3. Check out LinkedIn and Twitter.  LinkedIn is full of professionals ranging from CEOs to mid-level staff to entry level workers. Just do a search on the job title you’re seeking. You can also do a search on Twitter.
  4. Cold call a few companies to speak to the person in the role in which you need help. Someone will take the time to speak with you. 
  5. Get help from organizations created to help small businesses start and succeed like SCORE and the Women’s Business Development Center in Chicago. 
  6.  Join professional associations or chambers of commerce. They were created to help industry professionals and small business owners. 
  7.  Get active in your community. This is a missed opportunity by a lot of people as this is a huge untapped source of resources and knowledge. 
  8. Volunteer. You just never know who you might meet during these events. You can sign up to volunteer for specific events or you can give a few hours per month toward your favorite cause.

Being a lone entrepreneur is one of the biggest mistakes any new or existing business owner can make. And it is totally unnecessary. If you had the courage to start your venture, then you should have the courage to ask for help. I have found that most people are generous with their time and knowledge, and really would like to see you succeed.