7 Ways Our Writing Services Can Save You Nearly $100,000 Per Year


Hiring a new employee is very costly, and many employers do not fully understand ALL of the costs involved in doing so. Following are 7 ways our writing services can save your company nearly $100,000 per year.

Recruitment Costs

It costs at least $1,000 to source, locate and hire an entry-level employee. That figure increases with more experienced staff members. As long as that position is vacant, you lose money. Since we already have the qualified staff you need, we will save you at least $10,000.


The salary of a highly qualified copywriter starts at $50,000 per year regardless of where you live. Highly qualified means they can write, edit, research, conduct interviews and complete assignments on time, at a minimum. We only offer the best.


Health insurance, retirement benefits and other perks cost at least $5,000 per employee per year depending on the type of benefits you offer and the benefits levels. We pay our own.

Training costs

It takes at least 90 days  for an employee to get acclimated to the workplace. During this time, they are receiving on-the-job training; employee orientation; training from other staff members (time lost); and other training. This will cost employers at least $10,000 for this time. Our staff has the skills and training needed to complete your projects.

Payroll taxes

Social security ( a minimum of 6.2%), medicare (1.45% of wages), unemployment and worker’s compensation vary according to the city in which you live. This rate varies, but for that $50,000 employee, you’ll be paying at least $1,000 per month or 12,000 per year. The Write Design Company covers this; you don’t have to.

Equipment & Space

Expect to pay at least $5,000 for computer hardware, software, cubicle space, office supplies and other miscellaneous expenses. Our staff can work virtually or on-site.


You will incur this cost only if the employee leaves within a year after you have invested time and money into recruiting and training him or her. As state earlier, the minimum amount you can expect to pay on recruitment is $5,000.

Above are at least seven ways we can save your company nearly $100,000 per year.  We have the highly qualified staff you need with the skills you need at competitive rates. We can help you with certain aspects of the project or the entire project.





Image: thedebtweowe.com