Introducing Our Conversation Package for Small Businesses


Trust and communication are the foundation of all relationships. All relationships begin with a simple acknowledgement of the other party. They continue to grow with consistent acknowledgements. Thus, our small business conversation package was created to help you to start converstions with your clients with newsletters and to keep them growing through your blog.

Although the primary purpose of this package is to communicate consistently and strategically with your clients and prospects, we do offer supplemental services to help you to achieve your goals.

Communications Package includes

  • Blog posts to start conversations
  • E-mail marketing campaigns to invite people to them to the conversations


Blog posts are $100 each or $350 for four (4) pre-pay posts

E-mail campaigns start at $350

Get the blog posts plus e-mail campaigns for$550

You can purchase the package or individual services.

What are some of your communications challenges? Leave your message in the comment section.