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Today is the Last Day to Contribute to My Crowdfunding Campaign

62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger's Block - Marcie Hill - Crowdfunding Campaign

Yes, this is it! My crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to publish my book, 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block, ends tonight at 11:59 PST.

I have raised the funds needed to finish designing the book, which was my biggest hurdle. Next on my agenda is to pay the editor and designer to complete the workbook. My ultimate goal, though, is to educate bloggers on the art of creating quality and engaging content that will keep audiences returning.

If you like to join me on my mission to eradicate crappy content, contribute to my crowdfunding campaign today!

Let’s Put “Quality” Back in Online Content

Weak Online ContentI would have to agree that weak online content is criminal. When people visit your blog,  Facebook page and YouTube channel, they should be welcomed by quality and engaging content that will make them want to stay, not run them away. In fact, quality content boosts your ranking in Google search.

Although the quality of content is subjective based on your audience; there is no doubt that engaging content attracts and keep people on the site longer. It also keeps them returning.

I’ve created a resource guide that teaches bloggers and content creators how to produce quality that will expand their knowledge and creativity. My book, 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block, provides 62 types of posts they can create, as well as the pros and other considerations of each. It also features visual samples,  tips, tools and best practices.

I’m on a mission to teach bloggers and content creators around the world how to produce quality and engaging content for their blogs, Facebook, YouTube that will drive traffic to their sites and boost their Google rankings. But your help is needed.

Currently, I am raising funds through a crowdfunding campaign to get the book and companion guide published so content creators can have them when they need a jolt of creativity. My books will also help them produce quality and engaging content consistently.

Join me on my mission to teach content creators around the world how to produce quality and engaging content by donating to my  62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block campaign today! All amounts are appreciated.




Introducing Our Conversation Package for Small Businesses


Trust and communication are the foundation of all relationships. All relationships begin with a simple acknowledgement of the other party. They continue to grow with consistent acknowledgements. Thus, our small business conversation package was created to help you to start converstions with your clients with newsletters and to keep them growing through your blog.

Although the primary purpose of this package is to communicate consistently and strategically with your clients and prospects, we do offer supplemental services to help you to achieve your goals.

Communications Package includes

  • Blog posts to start conversations
  • E-mail marketing campaigns to invite people to them to the conversations


Blog posts are $100 each or $350 for four (4) pre-pay posts

E-mail campaigns start at $350

Get the blog posts plus e-mail campaigns for$550

You can purchase the package or individual services.

What are some of your communications challenges? Leave your message in the comment section.