Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

While it’s good to know about something, you are empowered when you know HOW to do it. It is for this reason The Write Design Company is committed to enhancing your employees’ knowledge through our corporate writing, blogging, and social media marketing training programs.

You have three options to ensure your employees receive the trainings they need:

  1. Choose from one of our training programs
  2. Customize lessons for your organizational needs
  3. Hire us to conduct your in-house training programs

Our lunch-n-learn sessions, half-day, and full-day workshops will build the confidence and skill level of your employees which will increase productivity and save your company time and money. Call us at 877.570.5228 to schedule a training session for your employees today!


Business Writing 101

The basic rules of writing – grammar, punctuation, spelling, editing and proofreading – will be reviewed to ensure that the quality of your employees’ communications are consistent with the quality of your company’s brand.

Business Docs Done Easy

Your staff will learn how to write clear and concise e-mails, letters, newsletters and other correspondence and documents for your organization.

The Art of EBook Writing & Publishing

By the end of this session, your employees will be authors-in-training. They will learn the process for writing and publishing eBooks that will help elevate or retain your organization’s status as an industry leader.

Welcoming New Employees the Right Way

Learn how to create comprehensive and engaging new employee orientation programs to ensure a smooth transition into your company as well as compliance with employment laws.


Blogging for Business 101

Learn how to integrate blogging into your marketing, public relations, communications and overall organizational strategy and the benefits of doing so.

20 Ways to Create Stellar Blog Content

Your staff will learn how to create engaging content that will keep your audience returning and conversations going.

5 Ways to Engage Your Audience

Content and conversations are the foundations of any blog, but they are particularly powerful on business sites. Learn ways to engage your audience and keep them returning.


Social Media for Business 101

We will explore the different social media tools to determine which one (s) best fit your company’s needs, develop a strategy and create an action plan to connect with your target audience.

Creating a Powerful Social Media Presence     

Anyone can create a Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube channel. But to have the greatest impact, you need a powerful presence which includes your strategy, presentation, promotion and conversation.


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