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Honorable Mentions from Blog World Expo 2010

I met some wonderful people at Blog World Expo, but there were some individuals, business names or concepts that were so unique that I just had to mention.  Please keep in mind that I’m trying to remember information from a week ago, so it may be unintentionally incorrect.

Creative Resources and ResearchGrant Goddess

The actual name of the Business is Creative Resources &  Research.  The name, Grant Goddess, implies that Veronica Robbins is good at what she does.  We met during a networking lunch, but really didn’t have a chance to speak much because of all of the conversations at the table.  She quickly became my favorite person because she is a writer. Not just any writer. But a grant writer. After checking out her website and rates, I am totally convinced that she is good at what she does.

Bad Online Dates BadOnlineDates

Jennifer Kelton is the Founder & CEO of Badonlinedates and Bad Date TV. We were having a great conversation that had to end because of the session, but she was good people. What impressed me most about Jennifer was that she had more business cards than me.  Her other venture is Nerd Girls A Go Go.  I only had a chance to get a glimpse of her sites, but based on first impressions, they are  quite nice.

Your Relationship Castle - Debbie GerberYour Relationship Castle

Debbie Gerber is a blogger and author of  Your Relationship Castle. During our conversation she mentioned that she learned that the secret to a successful marriage is to keep out ALL third parties, including counselors.  To find out how to keep your relationship castle secure, be sure to visit her site and download the book.


Tungle.me  is an online scheduling site.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Simple, yet  effective. When I spoke with the representative whose name I did not get, I looked at him like he had two heads as I stood there waiting for more explanation, which wasn’t needed.  Lesson from Tungle.me:  Sometimes simplicity is best and more effective.

Fit Moms Fit Kids Club

I did not have a chance to speak with this Founder Annett Davis in detail because the conference was winding down, and we connected right before the closing presentation.  While I’m impressed by the concept of fitness for moms and children, I’m even more inspired by the fact that I met a real Olympian! Of all of my encounters, I’d have to say that I’ve  ever met an Olympian before!

These are just a few of the people, business names and concepts I encountered at Blog World Expo that I just had to mention.  I hope you enjoyed hearing about them as much as I enjoyed meeting and writing about them.

Live Blog: Blog World & New Media Expo – Day 3

Today is the last and final day of this phenomenal event. Check out what’s happening through this live blog, Twitter using #bwe10 or @blogworldexpo, and U-Stream. Keynote events have been recorded and available for viewing.

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Blog World & New Media Expo 2010 – Day 2

Did you enjoy reading people’s opinions and views from yesterday? Well, you’re really going to enjoy today. There will be more workshops on video and podcasting. I’ll be sharing from my workshops, so keep an eye open for updates.