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Let’s Put “Quality” Back in Online Content

Weak Online ContentI would have to agree that weak online content is criminal. When people visit your blog,  Facebook page and YouTube channel, they should be welcomed by quality and engaging content that will make them want to stay, not run them away. In fact, quality content boosts your ranking in Google search.

Although the quality of content is subjective based on your audience; there is no doubt that engaging content attracts and keep people on the site longer. It also keeps them returning.

I’ve created a resource guide that teaches bloggers and content creators how to produce quality that will expand their knowledge and creativity. My book, 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block, provides 62 types of posts they can create, as well as the pros and other considerations of each. It also features visual samples,  tips, tools and best practices.

I’m on a mission to teach bloggers and content creators around the world how to produce quality and engaging content for their blogs, Facebook, YouTube that will drive traffic to their sites and boost their Google rankings. But your help is needed.

Currently, I am raising funds through a crowdfunding campaign to get the book and companion guide published so content creators can have them when they need a jolt of creativity. My books will also help them produce quality and engaging content consistently.

Join me on my mission to teach content creators around the world how to produce quality and engaging content by donating to my  62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block campaign today! All amounts are appreciated.



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2 Ways to Attend the “Intro to Blogging” Webinar – March 20, 2013

Intro to Blogging Webinar - Marcie Hill


There are two ways to attend Marcie Hill’s Intro to Blogging Webinar on Wednesday, March 20, 2013:


To view the webinar: http://www.anymeeting.com/MarcieHill1

By Phone

To call into the webinar: Call (213) 416-1560 / Access code 153 8092

Be ready to get your business blogging questions answered today!

Register for the “Intro to Blogging” Webinar – March 20, 2013

Intro to Blogging Webinar - Marcie Hill

Do you have any questions on how to start a blog? Would you like to know how a blog will benefit your business? Well, here’s your chance to ask those questions and more at Marcie Hill’s first 3rd Wednesday Webinar, Intro to Blogging on March 20, 2013.

Register for Intro to Blogging webinar TODAY!


Are there any questions you want answered during the webinar? Post them below.

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Is Your Business Ready for a Blog?

start blog

As businesses become more aware of the value of blogging, more of them are doing it. Specifically, business blogs allow you to

  1. have conversations with prospects and customers;
  2. brand your organization through content; and
  3.  create and control your own messages. (This is by far the most valuable offerings of blogs!)

Even though blogs are growing in popularity, and even if someone suggests that you start one, here are five questions you need to ask before starting. By answering the questions below, you will have an honest assessment of your business blogging readiness as well as the beginnings of your blogging strategy or blogging business plan.

1.      Why are you blogging?

This is by far THE most important question you need to answer.  Do you want to blog because everyone else is doing it? Or will it actually add value to your business and marketing efforts? If you can’t answer this, then don’t do it.

2.      What are you going to blog about?

It is imperative that you give this much thought before you begin. Remember, selling directly on your site is a no-no. So, what then, are you going to blog about. Check out other business blogs to get ideas.

3.      Who is going to blog for you?

If you are not currently blogging, please hear me when I say that blogging is VERY time consuming. If you are a one-man shop and writing is not your thing, don’t do it. If you are a small operation and don’t have staff to spare, you can either assign someone (please pay them) or contract a blgoger. If you are a large organization and have not yet started, consider adding blogging  and social media to your marketing plan, and then decide which department(s) will be responsible.

4.      When are you going to blog?

After you have chosen your blogging team (even it’s just you), you then have to decide how often content will be created. Different people say different things; however, I personally recommend at least once a week. This will not only help attract an audience; it will help you create a consistent blogging schedule.

5.      What type of blog will you have?

You don’t just have to write your content. Blogs come in different varieties – audio blogs (podcasts), photoblogs, video blogs (vlogs) and micro blogs (Twitter and Tumbler). You can select one or all of these options.


Above are just a few things you need to consider before you start blogging.  Be sure to really assess your interest, reasoning and readiness to blog for business.  The answers to these questions will become the foundation of your blogging strategy or blogging business plan.

Have you started a blog for your business? How is it going?