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Setting Goals and Planning for 2011


Image: learnthat.com

As we begin a new year, it is customary for people to reflect on the past year’s personal and professional successes, failures, challenges and “if I could do it over again, I would….”  People also tend to write out their goals with anticipation of future success.  Unfortunately, these goals rarely come with plans on HOW they will be accomplished; therefore, few are achieved.

Some of our 2011 goals at The Write Design Company include:

1. Helping professional associations and small business understand how blogging and social media can boost relationships with clients which would ultimately boost their bottom lines with conversations;
2. Removing the negative feelings associated with writing for people who wish to improve their skills or pen their masterpieces;
3. Live blogging for conventions, tradeshows, community and business meetings; and
4. Encouraging people to move toward the dreams that were placed in their hearts.

These goals will be achieved through education and coaching, both which will be provided in-person and online using traditional and new media tools.

We are also rolling out Writefully Yours, our monthly newsletter.  It will provide a brief introduction to the theme of the month as well as tips and resources for writing, blogging, social media and entrepreneurship.  The theme for this month is setting goals and developing plans.

On that note, we would like to encourage you to write out your personal and professional goals as well as plans for getting them done.  Figure out what needs to be done monthly, weekly and even daily to accomplish each one.

Something to keep in mind: A small investment in planning today will save a bunch of frustration and headache later.

To your success!